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March 15, 2011
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        It was a normal day in Summertime, and I had recently learned how to clone Pokemon on my Emerald version, thanks to my cousin. I was probably the happiest nerd you would find for miles at that time. Within a few months, I had all the Pokemon cloned that I had needed. Eventually I stopped playing my game altogether, since I had gotten bored of it, because I bought it used. It came with several legendaries, and the Elite Four beat more times than I could count. Then Pokemon Diamond and Pearl had come out. My mom had pre-ordered them for me for my birthday, and I was just completely ecstatic. I pulled out the guidebook, my collector styluses, and then finally the games. Immediately I opened the Pearl case, took out the cartridge and placed it into my DS system.

        I played that game all summer long, and hardly ever touched my Pokemon Diamond. I was at Cynthia's last Pokemon, which was her Milotic. It's health was in the red, and I had only one Pokemon left. I bit my lip and I tapped my screen to launch the final attack

        "TORTERRA used Tackle! TORTERRA's attack missed!" I clenched my DS tightly.
"The foe's MILOTIC used Ice Beam!" It hit Torterra without fail and my heart sank as I saw his health slowly decrease.
        "TORTERRA fainted! SYLVIA is out of useable Pokemon!" What I did next sounded like a hybrid of a moan and a scream as I fell backwards onto my bed. "Crap!! No!!" I set my DS to my side and stared at the ceiling for quite some time before resuming my game. I saved and closed out, then flipped through my guidebook out of boredom. I soon came to the page of  Route 219, 220 and 221 and saw something called 'Pal Park.' The name rung a bell, and I looked some more and discovered I could transfer old Pokemon onto my Pearl and Diamond versions. I turned my game back on and saw on the start menu the option to transfer my Pokemon. I looked at the cartridge I had in and it was my Emerald. My face lit up and I immediately began to transfer old Legends and other high-level Pokemon onto my game.

        I continued this for several months, since you could only transfer over 6 Pokemon at a time. Eventually I managed to use my new Hoenn-and-Sinnoh team to beat Cynthia and continue with my story. Afterwards I started playing my Diamond game, and thanks to my new Action Replay, I managed to get through it much faster than my Pearl version. I once again managed to beat Cynthia, and managed to unlock the ability to Transfer Pokemon over. I realized I was running low on Pokemon, so once I was done I saved and turned off my DS, then turned it back on to play my Pokemon Emerald.

        Since it had been so long since I last played my Emerald version, it took me a while to get used to the flat graphics. Unfortunately, that also meant that it had been a while since I had cloned any Pokemon, and I forgot how. So, I went to my YouTube to watch the video I had made of me cloning Pokemon. I instantly remembered, and resumed my game and went to my PC. I had a Feebas, a Tyranitar, a Swellow, a Regice, a Regirock, and a Moltres in my Party. I went to a semi-empty box to switch out my Pokemon to clone. One of which was a level 50 female Bellossom that had already been in the game since I bought it. I closed out, saved my game, then went back into the boxes, switched out my Pokemon, then talked to the lady in the Battle Tower. Selecting the appropriate options, I then turned off the game. As I booted it back up, the usual blue screen came up saying the file was corrupted, but I heard a faint noise that sounded like a Pokemon cry as the game screen came up. I thought it was odd, but just shrugged it off. As I went back over to see my Pokemon, I had my original team. I went to the box, but I nearly jumped when I saw that something was missing.
        The Bellossom was missing. I looked everywhere in the boxes, but could find it nowhere. I sat there in silence trying to think, when I realized that I must have lost her during the cloning process. I let out a deep sigh, knowing I would never find her again, but the heavy feeling went away fairly quickly, since it was a used game and almost none of these Pokemon were mine.

        Within a few weeks, my Emerald version once again became obsolete, and was used for nothing but to transfer Pokemon to my Diamond and Pearl, then was just forgotten and buried in my case, with the rest of my games. And before long, I eventually got bored with my Diamond and pearl and let my DS sit in its case for months.
        However, being my bored self, I laid down on my bed, looked over the edge and saw my case. Hesitating a bit, I reached down and grabbed it. Unzipping the pouch, I saw my Pokemon Emerald version sitting there on top, like it wanted me. I picked it up, then opened my DS and popped in the cartridge. I turned on the DS and tapped the screen to play my Emerald version. Immediately the blue error screen came up, saying the game was corrupted. I shrugged it off and pressed the A button to continue, then once again heard an odd sound that was similar to a Pokemon's cry as the startup screen came up. I skipped through the intro and started my game. I was standing in front of a PC box, inside the Battle Tower. I headed out the door, and was soon overwhelmed by nostalgia of the old style and music. I ran around for a bit before having my Swellow use Fly to Fortree City, just for the heck of it. Which would soon be something I regretted.

        Heading onto Route 120, I ran around in the grass and battled many Pokemon. Going further South, I decided to go over to the little tomb where the previous owner caught Registeel, but was interrupted by a Pokemon before I could head up the steps. I was in shock as to what came up.
        It was a level 50 female Bellossom. I blinked in astonishment, because I knew they were impossible to find in the wild, let alone in Pokemon Emerald. I then suddenly remembered about how I lost that one Bellossom when I was cloning. My Swellow came onto the field, and I wasn't sure what to do. I selected ATTACK, in hopes of weakening it and getting the Bellossom back

        "SWELLOW used WING ATTACK! SWELLOW's attack missed!"
        "ZERO's BELLOSSOM used SOLARBEAM! SWELLOW fainted!" Wait, what? How could that Bellossom use SolarBeam on one attack? And wasn't it supposed to be a wild Pokemon? I stared at my DS screen like I had no idea what it was. Without giving me the option to run, Entei was then sent onto the field, and I thought I saw the Bellossom frowning instead of smiling. I selected ATTACK once again.
        "ENTEI used FLAMETHROWER! It's super effective!" I saw the line of flames hit the Bellossom, turning it red. When the flames died, I was startled by what I saw. The Bellossom was still there, but it was a much darker color and it actually looked burned - the petals were half gone, and it looked like she was bleeding.
        "ZERO's BELLOSSOM used GIGA DRAIN!" I watched in horror as I saw the life sucked out of my Entei. As the health bar slowly went down, it looked like Entei was going gray in color, and looking... withered?
        "ENTEI has fainted!" What? How?? A hundred things were going through my mind as I tried to process that my Entei had been beat by one move. A Grass-type move, at that. I looked back at the Bellossom to see that she had gained health, but didn't look any better, but it looked slightly larger. Again, Tyranitar was sent out, not giving me the option to run. This time, it automatically gave me the option to fight. I selected a move and watched the battle go on.
        "TYRANITAR used CRUNCH!" I saw my Tyranitar use Crunch, but it did little damage. Soon after I saw a bite mark appear on the Bellossom, and blood trickle down her.
        "ZERO's BELLOSSOM used SOLARBEAM!" Tyranitar's health down faster than I could blink. "TYRANITAR fainted!" With that, Moltres was sent out. I selected the option to run, instead of trying to attack.
        "ZERO's BELLOSSOM won't let you run!" ... The hell? Why couldn't I run?
        "ZERO's BELLOSSOM used GIGA DRAIN!" Moltres' health went down quite a bit, but it didn't faint. This time, I saw the Bellossom grow. I tried to run again.
        "ZERO's Bellossom won't let you run!" "Zero's BELLOSSOM used GIGA DRAIN!" "MOLTRES fainted!" The Bellossom grew even more, and I could see even more details on the sprite. The left flower was completely gone, the petals were burned, there was the bite mark across her stomach with blood coming from it, and all her colors were much darker than what they should be. My Regice and then my Regirock were sent out, and both met the same fate.
        "IMPOSTOR is out of useable Pokemon!" What?? My name wasn't IMPOSTOR, it was ZERO! The screen went black, then resumed to route 120, but the Bellossom was standing in front of me, still dark and burned. I decided to press A to talk to it.

        "So... Have you had enough, impostor?"
        "What?" I said out loud to myself. "What are you talking about?"
        "You're not ZERO." A YES and NO option came up. I selected NO. "You're lying..." I was scared at this point. "ZERO would have never gotten rid of me... You're not ZERO... You're an IMPOSTOR!" The Bellossom lunged forward and it looked like it ran into me, like your rival on Diamond and Pearl. "Go away, IMPOSTOR!" It ran into me again, this time I actually went backwards. "GO AWAY" It kept running into me, pushing me back a little more each time.

        "GO AWAY"
        It continued to say this as it shoved me back down the stairs, to the side and over to the edge. All I could do was stare in horror at this. I attempted to move, but my controls weren't working. I panicked and started pressing every button, but nothing worked. The next thing I knew I was standing  at the edge of the cliff, with my back turned to the water, with the giant Bellossom in front of me. She had stopped pushing me, and I regrettably pressed the A button.

        "You're not ZERO... You're just an IMPOSTOR! GO AWAY!" And with that, the Bellossom shoved me one more time, off the cliff, into the water. I shrieked and tried to move, but I couldn't go anywhere. I just stayed in that one spot, going in circles, until I could only see my waist up, then my head, the hat, then, I was gone. Horrified, I watched as the screen went back up to the Bellossom and zoomed in, like a Legendary battle. The screen went black, and my heart was racing as the screen came back up with the large Bellossom sprite in front of me, all burned and bloody. Another text box came up. I gulped, then pressed A to get through it.

        "I knew you weren't ZERO..."
        "You're an IMPOSTOR!!" I covered my ears as I heard a shrill, high-pitched Bellossom cry come from my speakers, which resulted in me dropping it on my bed with the sound still coming, getting louder and louder. I quickly uncovered my ears to go and turn off my DS. I continued to fumble with it when another text came up;

        "You cannot escape me, IMPOSTOR!!" it got louder and I tried to turn off the volume, but it didn't work. Again, I fumbled with the power switch before the DS finally turned off. I sat there a moment, then took a deep sigh and laid back down on my bed.

        It was about a week before I finally decided to play my DS again. Cautious, I slowly slid the power switch and watched the screen come up, but it went black after I pressed A to get to the main menu. I cringed, thinking it was broken, but I thought wrong. On the screen came up the Bellossom.

        "I said you cannot escape, IMPOSTOR..."
Ahaha, my first ever Pokemon Creepypasta! :dummy:
Blame ~TeamRocketsPikachu and ~amypansey for getting me into them >.>"

And all of this, except for the obvious, is true. I did get bored with Pokemon Emerald. That battle did happen with Cynthia. I did love cloning Pokemon on my Emerald version. And I did lose my lvl.50 Bellossom while I was attempting to clone Pokemon. I was completely devastated :iconwhutplz: So I told ~TeamRocketsPikachu and =WarriorKloneomon about it, and they said I should go for it.

I'm aware this isn't the best Creepypasta ever, but I did just make this in a few hours, cut me some slack xD;



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theAnivette29 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011   Artist
dont laugh but i WAS SO SCARED! XD this scared me to the tip of my toes! nice story!
AbbieGoth Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Serious? Wow, that makes two people xD
And thank you! ^^
theAnivette29 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011   Artist
no prob
DarkeeMizti Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Fanart: [link]

Hope I got its details right ^^;
wolfand247 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011
first klone..a friend betrayed me and gave me you..a stranger to me....T^T

OT: It's really good, I felt it a bit slow paced at the beginning, but as it went on and got to the more creepypasta (for lack of a better term) bit, i felt my fear growing, my heart racing and my eyes not wanting to read another word but continuing to slide across the sentences like they were crack.
AbbieGoth Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Ha, thanks ^^ Yeahhhh... I tend to do that with all the stories I write... It takes me a while to get started ^^;
Maybe I'm a Regigigas OTL
wolfand247 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011
You are awesome, your story was awesome, your mind is awesome, you scared me...awesomely XD. I will watch you now...CLOSELY *click*
AbbieGoth Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
WOO HOO!!! :dummy:
Thankies~! <3
wolfand247 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011
<3 XD No problemmm
Katai-Anata Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Student Writer
Pffff from the part where you saw the lvl 50 bellosom right to the end, believe it or not, I actually DID get scared XDDD
which just proves how epic your story is~~ >w<
*gives five bagigajilitipacilillion stars*
hell yeah I just made a new number ;D
oh and what's a pokemon creepypasta? o3o;;;
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